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Thanks game And thanks all here have met i the good and beautiful guy:karaliukas verwoo,And I very strongly love it and ve happen here in Titanic and here always good music a romantic atmochere

sladkajavika - 11-12-2011 - 16:07


This is one of the most romantic places in Second Life, I enjoy my time here very much.

Lexi Auggers - 08-06-2011 - 22:32

Moin Moin,
Hello from Hamburg, Germany to one of the best places in SL :) Many thank you to Mara, Jenny and Whispers. And thank you for the 2h with Mark :) every Sunday

Thank you

bigjr Slade

bigjr Slade - 14-03-2011 - 00:03

Take it from me, Titanic with Captain Mara and her crew is an awesome experience. Titanic is one of the best reasons for joining Second Life.

Dart Wolfe - 16-08-2010 - 19:18


It is with great pride that I call Mara and Guus my friends. Their devotion and caring to portraying The Titanic in a highly realistic manner shines through continually. You will not find two more real people in SL. My hats off to you both. Long live the Titanic, in our fond memory. Thank you both, for your ongoing commitment.

Voice Doobie - 31-07-2010 - 19:27

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