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I just did a walking tour video of the RMS Titanic so if you want to use it feel free. You will find it at third button or just scroll down. And if you would like and interview, so I can ask you questions and then put it up on the "interview" section of just contact me...Enjoy

Peter C Brusso - 13-12-2019 - 17:53

I don't know why child avis are not permitted on a moderate, historical site. There are plenty of people who RP here in a respectful manner and the way the rules are written its as if you are calling them child abusers. This is anything but true. I would also suggest you make the music more thematic. Ballroom dancing and the turn of the century don't go with 3 Doors Down or Aerosmith.

Lila S. - 12-10-2016 - 00:17

Now is my favorite place:))))
Because here are MARA and GUUS, almost the best people who i meet in SL!
Love you!

Tayna - 01-02-2014 - 22:31

I just came to the RMS Titanic for the first time. I was very impressed. I came in formal wear since I often wear it to another venue. Even though I have only been in SL for 3 weeks, I had a feeling this sim would be formal, given the reputation of the orginal Titanic. I can not wait to return and explore some more. Thanks for keeping this wonderful place going.
As to the strict dress code, its nice to see a minimum standard of dress like this. However, as a newcomer I understand the embarrassment one might feel by being ejected. I noticed you offer a free tux and or gown to guests, so everyone can adhere to the dress code. Do you also have a room or even teleport pad to a sandbox for a quick outfit change? Such a courtesy may help new ones feel more welcome. I only say this because of a previous comment.

Again, thanks for a great place to visit!

TheWinterStorm - 26-12-2013 - 04:51


The most awkward and embarrassing moment, the first and hopefully last in SL,I lived here in the ballroom.Experienced people do not understand that other people may be at beginning and should help.Surprisingly, I found people here the same ethnicity as mine who behaved very badly.Unfortunately,it is a beautiful place that I would have to evoke nice memories.So you are novice you belong here. I will not never return to this place.

Tayna - 07-12-2013 - 06:58

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