100 Year Centenary RMS Titanic

We had a 5 days Centenary on the Titanic sim.
Apr 11 2.123 visitors
12:00 pm Dinner party hosted by:
HammerFLA Magic
2:00 pm Momi Hallison
3:00 pm Antonio Galloway
4:00 pm Eli Megadon
5:00 pm Erin & Satin
Apr 12 2.012 visitors
12:30 pm Strider Quan
1:30 pm HammerFLA Magic
2:30 pm Savannah Coronet
3:30 pm Elvera Lerner
5:00 pm Velter Whitfield DJ .. 7:00 pm
Apr 13 2.811 visitors
12:00 pm Dazzle Bracken DJ .. 2:00 pm
2:00 pm Scarletrose Damour
3:00 pm Justininho Difference DJ
4:00 pm Krisie Snowdrop
5:30 pm Dinner Party
Hosted by Lynnie Michigan
7:00 pm Hogan Bailey
Apr 14 3.331 visitors
12:00 pm Steerage Party Hosted by
Wallace Locke & Mark Attenborough
3:00 pm Chandra Deed
4:00 pm BubbaC John
5:00 pm Josie Anderton
6:00 pm Elize Watanabe
Apr 15 2.286 visitors
12:00 pm Dani Plassitz
1:00 pm Memorial Service up in the hills
2:00 pm Beccca Baxton
3:00 pm Katarina Malaspina
4:00 pm Ronus Lefevre
5:00 pm Kelia Theas
6:00 pm Zoree Jupiter

Total visitors 12.563
This music video remake was created in remembrance of Titanic's upcoming 100th anniversary 2012 april 15th. At the same time this is a unique way to highlight the visual capabilities of SecondLife, using a real world example. All images are captured within the 3D-virtual world of Secondlife itself. Therefor, it is a technology benchmark and will generate related discussion.

Music by : Celin Dion (Titanic original)
Video by : RG Giano (Secondlife)