RMS Titanic in Second Life.

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Thanks to Al Peretz for making this video.
Winner of Machinima AWARD 2009 in Newbie category.
The legend is back visit THE RMS TITANIC in Second Life!!
Class, style, romance, love and friendship, a journey we shall dance together.
Shops, accommodation, exploration and many more temptations, all waiting to be discovered.
Almost every night live music, dj's and only the best live artists performing in the grand ballroom.
Explore it yourself and relive the journey throughout history.

The RMS Titanic is one of the biggest and unique projects in SL. Build in full detail. You just have to go and see it for yourself.

Visit the most exclusive shops SL has to offer on the ship and on the docks.

Visit the memorial up the hill and take a minute to see the names of all the souls who perished in that dreadfull night in april 1912.

Come and live a dream with us on the Ship of Dreams, dance in the elegant ballroom, walk down the magnificent grand stair case, run on up to the Cafe' Parisien and have tea with a friend, or stand on the bridge and imagine what it would be like to be Captain. Within Second Life you are only limited by your imagination. Come join us sometime on the Ship of Dreams, as she floats upon an ocean of memories...

Enjoy your stay and welcome to the RMS Titanic !

Build by Morphius Barbosa now under the name Reborn Wingtips in SL

Mara and Guus Menges
Estate Owners
In the Category NEWBIE: sponsored by YOUin3D.com GmbH

3rd Place goes to: SINGING IN THE SL RAIN by Glasz DeCuir
2nd Place goes to: THE OTHER SIDE by Zephyru Zapedzki
and 1st Place in the category NEWBIE goes to: TITANIC IN SECOND LIFE by Al Peretz