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I don't know why child avis are not permitted on a moderate, historical site. There are plenty of people who RP here in a respectful manner and the way the rules are written its as if you are calling them child abusers. This is anything but true. I would also suggest you make the music more thematic. Ballroom dancing and the turn of the century don't go with 3 Doors Down or Aerosmith.

Lila S. - 12-10-2016 - 00:17

Now is my favorite place:))))
Because here are MARA and GUUS, almost the best people who i meet in SL!
Love you!

Tayna - 01-02-2014 - 22:31

I just came to the RMS Titanic for the first time. I was very impressed. I came in formal wear since I often wear it to another venue. Even though I have only been in SL for 3 weeks, I had a feeling this sim would be formal, given the reputation of the orginal Titanic. I can not wait to return and explore some more. Thanks for keeping this wonderful place going.
As to the strict dress code, its nice to see a minimum standard of dress like this. However, as a newcomer I understand the embarrassment one might feel by being ejected. I noticed you offer a free tux and or gown to guests, so everyone can adhere to the dress code. Do you also have a room or even teleport pad to a sandbox for a quick outfit change? Such a courtesy may help new ones feel more welcome. I only say this because of a previous comment.

Again, thanks for a great place to visit!

TheWinterStorm - 26-12-2013 - 04:51

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